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When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny

It still amazes me what Stacey and I are able to accomplish TOGETHER. It has never proven more true than it did sitting next to Stacey as we both wait to walk across the stage to obtain our Master's degrees. I was inspired to be in the presence of so many fellow graduates who were being obedient to their purpose. Listening to the keynote speech at our graduation validated that ignited passion I feel everyday not only to be my best self but to be an example and inspiration for others to be their best selves.

Some takeaways, with a little added Cheralyn spice that I want to share are:

Purpose is not your job; it's your calling. Purpose ignores the circumstances, naysayers, excuses, etc. Our kids aren't the the reason to stop but the reason you continue. I hope I can serve as an inspiration to someone today!

We are married, have careers, have twins and now BOTH have MBAs! #StevensonStrong

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