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Fears are not only a habit; they are complete BullShit

Admit it, you’ve become accustomed to your fears. It’s become your habit. It’s such a habit that not an hour goes by where you are not thinking about your fears. Most of us spend our entire life harboring our fears; feeding them, exaggerating them, and adding new ones. Fear comes in many forms: fear of rejection, fear of speaking up, fear of applying for a job, fear of dying, fear of sickness, fear of flying and the list goes on.

But let’s establish something, all your fears are bullshit. That's right. Complete and utter bullshit. To be honest, most of our fears are figments of our imaginations. You have invested so much time in your fears that you’ve created a pretty shitty habit. Being afraid has become an epidemic; a regular part of life. And because it is so normal in our society, because almost everyone (friends, family, partners) are consumed with fear, you believe it is a completely acceptable habit. It's not!

So many people are frozen with fear that they have allowed it to control them. They hesitate, back down, question, and ultimately take no action. They watch others pass them by and achieve their goals while they stay on the sidelines of life. Ultimately, they waste their short time on this earth obsessing over their fears.

Here’s the truth of the matter: You have conformed to the disease of the masses; fear, loathing, complaining, and poverty logic. You’ve taken on the fears and habits of our parents and your parents' parents. You’ve convinced yourself that your fears are real. You may never stop being afraid, but you cannot stop living. You must stop playing small, stop thinking small, stop second guessing yourself. How do you respond to someone when you know they are bullshitting you? You ignore them, tell them to get the hell out of your face, and move on. That is how you must handle your fears.

When Stacey was graduating with her bachelor’s degree back in 2011, she met a woman in her seventies who was also graduating. While they stood in line waiting to enter the auditorium, this lady shared with Stacey how she was afraid of going back to school, but she knew she had to push her fears aside and persevere. Essentially, she called bullshit on her fear. Everything that you want to accomplish in your life is still in reach if you just call bullshit on your fears. Don't make excuses for not being great. You're never too old, too young, too fat, too small etc. to do anything you want. And, if you’re going to create a habit, make sure it’s not a shitty one. Create a habit that serves you positively. Live LOYT.

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